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The congress has three bills that are of particular interest to RT’s and the strengthening of our profession. It is particularly exciting for us here in Kentucky where we serve a rural community. These bills focus on telehealth services and list Respiratory Therapists as a list of providers. We are needing Co-Sponsors to champion these pieces of legislation.

Here are the bills:

H.R. 2550 — Medicare Telehealth Parity Act
H.R. 2291 — Helping Expand Telehealth to Rural America (HEART) Act
H.R. 766 — Telehealth for Individuals Residing in Public Housing

Why is this important for Kentucky RT’s?

As a recognized provider of telehealth services, we would be allowed to bill CMS (Medicare), or a physician would be allowed to bill our services. This means that RT’s would likely be able to generate his or her own business under supervision of a medical director.

Also, we would be listed under the same bill of providers that make a huge impact, including physicians, nurses, and others. Having our profession puts us in the conversation and a seat at the table. With this positive move, it can help to get our profession on future bills and open up even more doors for us!

What is being asked of you?

We need you to email and call your representatives July 10 through the 14th. It takes only 1-2 minutes to make your voice heard. Get your family, friends, and colleagues to do the same. AARC makes it super easy. Simply go to http://c.aarc.org/advocacy/lobby_week/ and follow the easy instructions.

AARC Virtual Lobby Week


Tell Congress We Need Co-Sponsors. Great news for RTs! We now have three bills introduced in the House of Representatives that include respiratory care as a ...

If you are not an AARC member, please do so. There is strength in numbers. When you are an AARC member, you become a KSRC member as well. KSRC is working hard to advocate and advance our role in Kentucky. The added impact of a strong membership roster carries a lot of weight. The money spent on membership also helps to finance the cost of advocacy, education, and projects that bring value to RT’s in our state. For instance, the KSRC sent members to Washington D.C. to lobby and advocate for us specifically. This is powerful, and a great use of resources that we want to continue to be able to provide to members for years to come.

We love what we do and want to continue to see our profession grow and thrive. COPD is not going away, along with a variety of pulmonary issues that we are on the forefront of caring for. Support your states organization by joining the AARC and helping the KSRC. We are valued members in the hospital and community. Why not help to strengthen our profession and organization in Kentucky? Why Not Us?


Calling all creative folks!

As we look to advance and move the KSRC forward, we think creating and having a new logo will help us. This is where we need your help. We want to hold a KSRC logo contest. The winner receives $50 and the logo will be used for the Kentucky Society of Respiratory Care. Designs will be judged by the KSRC Publications Committee and Members of BOD.
Logos must be in a Vector file format.
Here is a link to free software for making a vector graphics: https://inkscape.org/en/

Deadline is April 1, 2017. Please submit designs to ksrcbod@gmail.com

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